Bless My Soul Cafe, Eureka California Coupon

Bless My Soul Cafe, Eureka

Bless My Soul Cafe, Eureka

29 Fifth Street
Eureka, CA 95501


The Home of Sweet Mama Janisee! Serving the Best Soul Food Creole/Cajun Southern Cuisine! Creole cooks employed nature’s own foods wherever they were to be found: Classical French cuisine combined with equal parts of Spanish and Anglo-Saxon classical cuisine; Herbs and spices from France and Spain coupled with seasoning learned from the Choctaws and Chickasaws. From these we have the jambalaya, court bouillon, red beans and rice, grits, grillades, pain-perdu, coush-coush, caille and gumbos. Need we say more. Is your mouth watering yet? 29 Fifth Street, Eureka CA. 707-443-1090.

15% Discount on Entree