“A Real, Live, Working Oregon Fishing Village.”

Welcome to a different kind of beach fun…fishing!

There are all sorts of places up and down the coast to put your toes in the sand, work on your tan, picnic, fly a kite, throw a Frisbee, or go for a swim (yes, some people do). But, this town isn’t really one of them. Garibaldi is a real live working seaport and fishing outpost. You can’t get much closer to you seafood source than this – unless you go out and catch it yourself, of which there is plenty of opportunity to do here.

Alternatives for The Non Fisherperson…

There are other things to do here too of course, like exploring the rich local history at the Garibldi Musuem, or taking a ride on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad steam train that runs from Garibaldi all the way up to Wheeler (and back), or learning about local arts and crafts at Bay City Arts Center in nearby Bay City. It is also a great place for serious, and semi-serious photographers to take photos of all the boats and fishing paraphernalia in the marina. You might be surprised what interesting and compelling pictures you can get just hanging around the docks and the old boats that berth there. However, the main event here is fish, fish, fish.

Bring Your Own Boat…or Charter one.

There truly isn’t anything quite like deep sea fishing. There are several, licensed charter boat services in Garibaldi. So whether or not you are part of group or want to go out on your own, someone or something will always be available to help you catch that “”big one.”” Feel free to ask, most charter services will advise you what sort of equipment to bring (or perhaps rent it to you for a fee if you are new to fishing).

Dining and Accommodations

Garibaldi is really pretty small and not set up for mass “”tourism”” like some of its neighbors. There are a few restaurants and a couple of relatively nice hotels here though. As for dining, expect great seafood at the few places that there are, because that’s their speciality. You won’t be disappointed in it’s freshness.