See & Do

What Sort of Beach Trip Is This Anyway?

Planning Is A Good Start

Like they say, planning is everything. Want to spend your time on the beach, shopping in specialty stores, or sampling delicious seafood? How about relaxing with a good book in a beautiful bed and breakfast? What’s your perfect idea of a beach trip?  Planning your trip is FUN! There is so much to do on the coast! Make the most of it! Hopefully we can give you some great ideas and save you money!

Day Trip Or Over Night Stay

How much time do you have for your trip? If all you have is a weekend, perhaps only a single day, good news! There is a lot to do in a day!  Choose a city, look at some recommendations and have FUN exploring!  Over night trips give you more time for more FUN! Have you flown a kite lately?  How about watched the sunset over the ocean, or taken a long walk on the beach?  Agate hunting can be contageous too!  You might find yourself at the beach more often once you start!

Here Is A List Of Some Things To See & Do!

Historical & Other Point of Interest Exploration

Explore the Coastal Lighthouses

From Astoria, Oregon to Eureka, California, make a date to see the spectacular lighthouses along the beautiful coastline. If the Lighthouses could only talk, the tales would be oozing with danger, bravery, hardship, and loneliness. Check out our complete list with information about each Lighthouse and whether or not you can actually go inside, or merely take a photo from the distance. Enjoy!

A Sports & Outdoor Adventure

Exploring the Coastal Golf Courses

If you are a golfer, there are some great opportunities to explore your favorite passion along the FunBeachFun coastline. We’ve listed every golf course, club, or links from Astoria to Eureka – 34 in all – from the smallest 9-hole municipal to the grandest pro designer multi-course resort. Some of these destinations are so stunningly beautiful that I cannot imagine any golfers idea of heaven being any more so. If you don’t already know about these places, your jaw will surely drop. Check out our complete list with statistics, and information about each course and start planning your FunBeachFun golf adventure today! Enjoy!

Events Oregon Coast

Events For All Ages!

Events on the Oregon Coast and Northern California Coast bring tourists from around the world. Fun for all ages and lots to do including Sandcastle contests, Dune Fest, Brew Fests, and the famous Bandon Cranberry Festivals. Click here to see more events.

Taking Your Family To The Beach

Taking Your Family To The Beach

From North to South along the FunBeachFun coast there are all sorts of things for families of all shapes, sizes and inclinations.   Opportunities range from quiet indoor aquariums and museums to active outdoor hiking, bike or kayak rentals.  Or how about a carousel ride and other amusements and also don’t forget educations and historical landmarks, zoos and nature centers. Click here to get our complete list of things to do!

A Romantic Getway & Pampered Retreat

A Romantic Getaway & Pampered Retreat

Are you looking for a cozy B&B with an ocean view, or a five-star resort experience with complimentary champagne, and rose-petal strewn bedspread, in-house spa/massage services, or something in between? Find your romantic retreat destination by exploring the map on the left. Click on the city you want to visit and click on the icon for “Stay” and  find your perfect Retreat at the beach!

A Wining & Dining Delight

A Wining & Dining Delight

Our region has long been known for it’s excellent seafood, and is coming into its own as a superior wine region. But there is a growing focus on wider “foodie” trends as well, with restaurants that feature premier gourmet magazine quality faire. Click on the city you want to visit and click on the “Dine” icon and get a list of some of the top restaurants serving fresh fish, and Oregon Wines!

Time to Go Shopping

Now We’re At The Beach, It’s Time to Go Shopping!

Want some hand-carved myrtle wood Art? Looking for some special, locally-made, shell jewelry? How about a beautiful object of art-glass created right in front of your eyes? When you visit the coast the shopping possibilities are as endless as they are exciting and unique. Where else but on the coast will you find amazing artists, craftspeople, unusual beach and nautically-themed housewares, apparel, Art, and much, much more. Click here to get our complete list of shopping recommendations.

Time to Go Shopping

Exploring the coast will be an adventure of a lifetime

The 363 miles of spectacular public coastline in Oregon are free and open to everyone. To rejuvenate, or experience thrills, you can choose how to Explore. The 100 mile stretch of Northern California coast including rugged trails and forest is called the Redwood Empire. The coastline from Oregon to Northern California is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Click here to see our list of Exploring recommendations.