“A Quiet Restful Escape”

Waldport, is a tiny town of slightly over 2000 souls, much overshadowed by a bigger, flashier neighbor to the north. But if you want to get away from the crowds, get some real peace, quiet, and enjoy strolling beautiful beaches that are nearly devoid of all but the elements of sky, sea, sand, and the occasional seabird, this could be your ticket. There are plenty of activities for those who want something to do, antique shopping, golfing, biking, hiking, boating, fishing, crabbing, bird and wildlife watching, etc. But this town is mostly about peace and quiet and their chief export is tranquility.

The Beginnings of The Town…

The first European settlers on the peninsula floated downriver on the Alsea River in the late 1870’s and named it Waldport. The name stems from the German word “”wald”” for forest (the “”port”” is pretty obvious). The townsite is an old Indian burial ground. A point South of town bears the name of Chief Yaquina John, one of the last of the Alsi tribemembers. Waldport’s history is written in a hundred years of forest industry. Until the last few decades, fishing and dairying were also active.

Then Came the Train…

The area once had several saw mills and salmon canneries. Waldport once even had its very own railroad line – built in 1918 by the U.S. Army to log spruce that was used to build airplanes during WWI. After the war ended the line was acquired by a lumber company – which used it to log an area south of town until 1935, at which time it abandoned the area and the railroad. Logging still prevails as an occupation, but no sawmills remain in the area.

Waldport Today…

The relative obscurity of Waldport is part of its charm. It’s a quiet city in beautiful setting, offering miles of unspoiled beaches, abundant fishing, as well as a nine-hole golf course in the hills near town. Spelling relaxation with a capital “”R”” – Waldport is one of those special places. When the tide goes out you can dig clams, rake crabs or comb the beach. Down the road a few miles there is a place where rocks are covered with mussels to be gathered, starfish of every hue, driftwood in fanciful shapes, and sunsets more colorful than a fireworks display. Once known as “”the beachcombers paradise,”” these beaches along the coast here are simply some of the cleanest, nicest and most beautiful in the country. Get out and take a walk with your sweetheart, or build a sand castle, or go fly a kite with your kids. This is beach fun that is as pure and un-commercialized as it gets.

Dining and Accommodations…

There are a few independent inns and B&Bs in Waldport, and a dozen restaurants. But it’s diminutive size and relative proximity to the much larger destination of Newport to the north mean that there are few fast-food opportunities, nor familiar hotel signs. That’s not a bad thing though. Check out our recommendations.







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